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TBH, if I2 is Vodafone Live, then I3 is not going to be MusicStation. Even I10 won't be, unless you've fired all the designers who were involved in everything up to that point - or perhaps their manager(s).

You can't make that sort of shift, which is one of approach, simply by "iterating". To make that shift requires asking "what can be done?" - and throwing away any of the ideas that there were before.

Also, I'd not say Apple iterated the iPod to success. The first model was a success; but it was the introduction of the iPod mini which saw its use explode, and many people outside Apple didn't see that it was the "mini-ness" of that which would make it work, instead of its storage capacity. (See http://daringfireball.net/2004/01/agitators).

MusicStation is about music. Vodafone Live is about revenue for Vodafone. Live fails to make revenue for Vf. But MusicStation brings you music - and as a byproduct, revenue. It's a question of focussing on the correct task to iterate on.


Thanks Charles.. that's a really useful comment... reminder to me... don't get to verbose on words and brief on meaning!

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