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My career started at Rolls-Royce where I trained as an engineer, became a designer on the RB 211 big fan engines in the start of that era...with rivals JT-9D, CF-6. Went to Cranfield to do an MSc in Propulsion Technology with prof. Arthur Lefebvre (who much later went to Purdue to be Prof in Combustion). Returned to RR and became a Stress Engineer...eventually a manager-Project Stress Engineer- on Turbine blading.... used to visit Indianapolis to help with turbine problems with the Corsair II strike aircraft that had problems (off the coast of Vietnam- engine failure on catapult take-off!). Went back to Cranfield to teach on MSC courses in Dept of Mech Eng just as CAD was being introduced...6 years later went back into industry as a CAD teacher with MCS and later Harris Corporation. Became an Industrial Marketing Expert for CAD and then returned to Design at Unisys running their design and development facilities in SCotland.... went from there to Unilever to run the Packaging Technology and Design facility in research... moved it into a business group and spent 15 years on the interaction of design, process and technology with globally dispersed product teams... that's me in a nutshell!