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Derek Wilson

Please contact me about an invention I have been carrying around in my head since I was a diesel mechanic 25 years ago. After looking at your cyclonics system ,I think the engine I have designed in my head could actually be built using a similar air tranfer system as your invention...Thanx for your consideration.
Derek Wilson
Texas, USA

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I'm always wondering why the universe keeps creating spheres in every creation, been a supernova, galaxy, planet, star, it is always a sphere, maybe we should pay attention to the sacred geometry that the ancient cultures use.

John J. Feketa

We have invented the very first
computerized sell-watering planters in the world!! Please check our web site iwaternanny.com
Patent no. 7607257.Computer checks
soil moisture 48 times a day, waters inside up to 6 months and outside 4 weeks.Related products to follow! Millons coulde be sold to home owners, retail store,etc.
Planters have been tested for 3 years, and in manufacturing now.We are starting to sell in U.S, looking for a company like yours to license, be a national distributor, etc. This is a great new product for the plant industry, millons could be sold.
Please contact me, Thank Yuo,
John J. Feketa

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